By Chuck Schmidt

Can I really impact the world for Christ?

Can I really be a “fisher of men”?  (Matt 4:19)

The answer is YES!  The Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) directs us to go to all the nations.  His command implies that we “go” as missionaries or “send” missionaries.  If we are not “going” at present, we are called to be  “senders”.  That is Riverlawn Missions – sending missionaries!  The legacy of Riverlawn is wrapped in decades of sending missionaries, throughout our city, state, country, and world.

We impact the world and become “fishers of men” by coming alongside missionaries, both local and global, in prayer, encouragement, and resources.  The upcoming Thanksoffering on November 19 is an annual effort at RCC which promotes missional awareness, continuous prayer and giving through a one-time offering dedicated totally to blessing our local and global mission minstry partners.

Mission support through Riverlawn originates from two sources: (1) Riverlawn General Fund – a monthly amount allocated from monthly giving, (2) Riverlawn Thanksoffering – an annual one-time offering specifically for missions. In 2017, the combination of the two sources totalled almost $240,000 and is being allocated as shown on the pie chart below:

missions chart

Our opportunities as senders of Riverlawn Mission Ministry Partners:

  1. Learn:  Seek out ministry partner information provided by the Mission Team around the church building and at Riverlawn.org. Educate yourself about missions through “Perspectives on World Mission” or “Kairos” courses available periodically and locally.
  2. Pray: Sign up for your part in the 24-hour prayer vigil just prior to Thanksoffering and continue to pray regularly for ministry partners
  3. Serve: Get involved in volunteer opportunities with local ministry partners and/or go with short term teams to our state, national, and global partners
  4. Give: Do your part toward Riverlawn’s Thanksoffering goal which is the equivalent of one month’s giving in addition to your regular giving, and be open for other opportunities to support ministry partner needs throughout the year
  5. After committing to learning, praying, serving, and giving to missions, consider a specific commitment to missions with the Riverlawn mission team.

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