Man, summer can be exhausting! I remember as a kid looking forward to all the free time that I would have in summer, time that I could use to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. There was more than enough time, and I could relax.

Lately, I’ve noticed a shift. Maybe it’s always been this way and I am only starting to realize it as I am getting older. But, it seems to me that summers are getting more and more chaotic, filled with church camps, sports camps, vacations, staycations, workshops, and other various activities. It feels like time simply vanishes as summer starts. I can’t believe that it is already the middle of July. Since summer started (at least for me) there is never enough time in the day, or the week, or the month, for me to get done everything I need and want to get done. We have limits on how much we can cram into a summer, and I have been very poignantly reminded of my limits this summer.

So, it was a great reminder that the theme for camp this year was limitless.

God is limitless.

In His power, His grace, His mercy, and His life, God is without any limits. When we reach our limits or the limits of those around us, God is there to carry us through. When we are not strong enough to face the trials that come our way, God’s limitless power is there to give us strength. When we aren’t good enough, God’s limitless grace gives us the opportunity to be a new creation. When we have failed and think we’ve hit the ultimate rock bottom, God’s limitless mercy forgives us and calls us clean. And, when our broken world only offers us more brokenness and death, God’s limitless life gives us the promise of eternity with Him.

Brothers and Sisters, we have limits. Whether it is a limit on how much heartache you can bear, or a limit how much financial trouble you can take, or a limit on long you can go on your own without falling back into old patterns of life, or whatever your limit is, we all have some point which we can’t cross. However, when we get to that point, our limitless God and Father is there wanting to pull you beyond your limits, not on your own, but rather in His strength. Remember to trust in our limitless God, because He loves you.

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