Finding Meaning in Christ

By Jeff Isaacs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We hear that a lot in song and public opinion during the Christmas season. It is also the time of year where a lot of depression, loneliness and indebtedness occur. People look for meaning every day, but especially during the holiday season. People try to fill their emptiness with presents, parties and people. People strive to get the newest gadget, outfit, car, or newest iPhone to try to have meaning in their lives.

What do the holidays mean to you? Where do you find meaning in your life? Why do you exist? What is the best part of celebrating Christmas for you and your family? Do all of these answers have Jesus in them?

I sure hope so, because without Jesus in all aspects (and all answers) in our lives, we are destined for disappointment.

In a society that is so self-absorbed, we must guard our hearts against finding our meaning/purpose in the things of this world. Proverbs 4:23 says that we are to guard our hearts, for our heart is the well spring of life.

May our hearts find meaning/purpose in Christ first and foremost.

Interesting fact-Whatever you find your purpose/meaning in must be repeatable to be continually fulfilled. If it’s people, they will let you down and they will pass from this life. If it’s in things, they will rust and be destroyed. If it’s money and power, you will never have enough.

There is an enemy who desires us to focus on ourselves and what we don’t have, rather than celebrate what we do have in Christ.

The Apostle Paul summed it up quite nicely in Philippians 1:21, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” I pray that our mentality at Christmas, and every day in between, would be the same as Paul’s and we truly understand fulfillment is in living for Christ.

2 thoughts on “Finding Meaning in Christ

  1. Dixie Gramke says:

    No comments so far…so I’ll break the ice!
    Christmas…to me as a child…meant Mom would get a tree and haul out all the trimmings. It was fun to separate it all and watch her as she made the best looking tree in town! No fooling! Being from a poor family, ornaments, lights and tinsel were used from year to year, but Mom could always make our tree look different. One year she put some angel hair on it…just took her one season to know that wasn’t going to happen again….but it was beautiful! My brother and I weren’t allowed to help decorate much, except put some tinsel on….tinsel by tinsel….I still do that today!
    Christmas morning meant Tim and I getting up sometime between 2-4 AM, getting Mom and Daddy out of bed to see what Santa had brought! There were always presents under the tree before Christmas morning, but we wanted to see Santa’s present! Usually our parents had just gotten to bed after putting toys and things together…but they always got up with us and we opened gifts. THEN…Mom and Daddy would go back to bed and Tim and I enjoyed our gifts.
    Christmas, to me when I was little, was to open gifts, then go to church because then we could thank Jesus for all He’d given us! And we’d again hear the story of His birth. I’m not sure what happened when Christmas wasn’t on Sunday!
    After our parents got up, we loaded our favorite things in someone’s car (we didn’t have one then) and Mom loaded the food she’d made the night before and we made the long trip (12 miles) down to my Grandma Mullen’s house for an all day feast! But the best part was being with all the family that came from far and wide! I don’t think there was much talk of Jesus in that gathering, but I know we were all thankful for Who He was and What He’d done for us!
    Later as parents, I followed suit from my Mom….tree decorated (the boys hated to help because they didn’t like putting the tinsel on strand by strand)….we went to Christmas Eve service, out to look at the lights….then home to bed so the boys could get up at 2-4 AM to open gifts. This happened if we were going to the Gramke family home in Emporia…but if we were going to Waverly, IL to the Lythell home, we sometimes had to leave Christmas Eve after Bill got off work. We drove the 500+ miles in weather that wasn’t fit for man nor beast, but we had to be with family! One time we followed a snowplow 50-60 miles on I-35 around Ottawa….one time when it was snowing we picked up a soldier at the turnpike gate in KC and took him to Alton, IL, just about 50 miles from my home! Many stories about our trips!
    Once home, we unloaded and usually went to bed. My sister and family came the next day, and it was wall to wall people, especially in Mom’s kitchen where she was preparing a meal for 25-30 people, depending on who came….but it was FAMILY! My parents had a small house, 2 small bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen….and one bathroom! When my sister and I were finally home, there was Mom and Daddy, Bill and I with 3 boys, Rhonda and Larry with 3 kids, Rhonda had 2 little poodles, Daddy had one (the Fonz), and we had a poodle and a big Great Dane! All house dogs/people! But it was FAMILY!
    Christmas Eve Service was so special to me at Glenn Park CC….Ken Cable always gave the same sermon, year after year, no one would let him do any different….then we had the candle lighting that lit the entire church at the end! It sort of put the cherry on top of the ice cream!
    So….knowing what the Lord has done for me in all my 78 years, where He’s led me and what He’s led me to do….besides offering my sincere gratitude to Him, to me, Christmas is FAMILY…and He’s given me the best one of all!

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