Testimony of the Manger

By Emil Bergquist

When something exciting, surprising or special happens to us, we tend to want to tell others.

When we receive a personal blessing, we celebrate. When we feel an earthquake, we tell others what we were doing or where we were when it happened.

More than 2,000 years ago, our Savior arrived on Earth, and thank God we’re not only talking about it today, but celebrating it.

I believe that God’s miraculous work in our lives is naturally meant for a testimony.

When Jesus walked the earth, the things that were seen and heard were talked about by witnesses. And those who directly received His touch could not contain their wonder. Even when He admonished them not to, they couldn’t keep quiet! All the region around would always hear of the unbelievable things that Jesus had done.

So go back , around 30 years from that time, to a pasture outside Bethlehem. One night, a few shepherds saw a miraculous angelic announcement, heard the description of a Savior for all the people, an invitation to meet Him and instructions on how to find Him. How absolutely cool is that! Then they sought Him, and met Him! Then they shared their testimony of how they found out. They left those who were there in wonder. They had a praise and worship service as they left!

The stage was set more than 30 years earlier for the ministry of Jesus, for those whose hearts were open. Thank you Lord that some made the connection, and then made disciples to make disciples. Here we are Lord!

Go now and read Luke, chapter 2. Merry Christmas!

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