The Faith of Friends

Christianity is lived out in community.

When we choose to follow Jesus, we become a part of His body, inseparable from the rest. As a Christian, we are intimately connected with other Christians; they are our brothers and sisters.

But, how often does our faith impact the lives of those we care about?

In Mark 2, Jesus has begun His teaching and healing ministry, and is drawing large crowds of people. Then four guys come carrying their friend, who is a paralytic. They know without a doubt that their friend MUST see Jesus.  But, they get to the house where Jesus is teaching and it is already so packed that they can’t even get close to the door. They had worked so hard in carrying their friend to the house and now it seemed that their trip was over. They could have given up. They could have waited and hoped to catch Jesus after the crowds dissipated and He left.

But, they knew that getting their friend to Jesus was the single most important thing at that time. Nothing else mattered, and they were willing to do whatever it would take to see it done. So, they got creative. They climbed on top of the house, and removed enough of the roof[1] above Jesus to lower their friend down right in the middle of the crowd, and right in front of Jesus.

What amazes me about this particular incident is Jesus reaction. Verse 5 says: “And Jesus seeing their faith said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Once the man was right with God, having been forgiven of his sin, (and after a spat with the Pharisees) Jesus heals the man, and he walks out carrying his mat. In most of the healings that Jesus performed, the basis for the healing was in the ill person’s faith.  But, in this instance, Jesus is impressed with the faith of the group.

They knew that the only way for this man to be made well was for him to encounter Jesus. Ultimately, it was the faith and dedication of the four friends that put this man in a position to be changed by Jesus.

So, I have a couple questions for you.  How can your faith impact the lives of those around you? How can your actions bring others into a position to be changed by Jesus?

[1] The friends did not have to destroy the roof in order to get their friend to Jesus. The house most likely had a layered style of roof that would be fairly easy to remove and then repair.

2 thoughts on “The Faith of Friends

  1. Jana Ghere says:

    Great reminder…getting their friend to Jesus was the single most important thing at that time.
    Lord, give us that urgency to bring our family and friends to you.


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