Why a Blog?

          If the world is full of people who like to talk, then the internet is full of people who like to blog. So why shouldn’t we join in on the conversation?

The idea is really simple, we want to use as many avenues as possible to communicate the Gospel message.

          We want people who call Riverlawn home to have an updated line of thought about theology, today’s issues, or questions in life that are difficult to answer. A blog is also a great place for discussions and collaboration. We welcome your comments and questions on each article because we value different perspectives than our own. Thanks for checking out our blog! 

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One thought on “Why a Blog?

  1. Greg Schuessler says:

    Really great use of technology and allows RCC peeps to connect in a new way! In some of my online classes the dialogue is very informative and makes me think. I expect no less here when Followers of Jesus talk about Theology!


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